Sunday, June 14, 2015

Assembly Line - Progress Report #1

After a Bbox, a few additional purchases, and a very good second hand deal, I now have a crapload of walker vectors:

Two of the crab vectors are 100% modular in their weapon loadout, meaning I can field 3 of any in any given army, which should be more than enough flexibility. There is one included in the All-In-One Army box, so I will unfortunately have yet another walker when I would prefer a Hover vector.

My paint scheme has been pretty simple but I'm happy with the way it has turned out. Metallics are really straight forward to apply and with some preparation are "self shading". The red brings the army together well and the yellow glow really makes it pop.

I also fixed Syntherion's arms to be the "correct" way :)

Maybe I'll even get to play a game with them sometime this year!

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