Sunday, August 2, 2015

The CoC All-In-One Army Box

Being a newfound fan of the CoC (picking it up for something to do after having kids), and not having played a faction other than Gators for the last few years, PP could not have timed the release of the 35pt All-In-One Army Boxes better.
I am not sure of the discount percentage, but it must be quite significant as it retails about the same as Lucant + Walker vector kit + 2 Enigma Foundries, ie. free Eradicators, Reductors, Accredition Servitors, 2 Lights, UA and Optifex Directive.

The only 'useless' thing in my case was the Walker vector, as I already have 5 (through circumstance more than design).

In any case, I believe this is the best package deal PP has ever put together. Not only does it come at a bargain price, but you get a mini version of the full rulebook (same as the two-player boxes, I believe) and some sweet cards:

Contents of the Box

Reverse side of the cards

There are 3 A5 sized cards included:
  1. Convergence rules cards - info regarding Induction, MAT/RAT transference, remote reactivation and so on.
  2. List Tactica - short summary of what each unit can do and how you can use them.
  3. Growing Your Force - a few suggestions on models you can add to bring your list to 50pts, as well as alternate 35pt lists using only a few models (CoC Bbox, Directrix and one Hoover Jack).
You may also notice that things have been repackaged quite a bit - while the plastic kits all came in their usual boxes, all the metal models were reorganized to minimize the packaging.

Anyway, just wanted to show how sweet these package deals are. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go back to stabbing myself and glueing my fingers together while assembling Lucant (spindly-legged motherf*cker - pro-tip: PIN EVERYTHING).

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  1. Sad I keep being poor when the All-In-Ones I'd want come out. Hope they do another run of them sometime.